Youth Soccer Training Programs

About Our KBFC Training Programs

The KBFC Academy can meet the needs of almost any young local soccer player in the Kingston, Belleville and Trenton area who want the highest level of professional style training at affordable and flexible fees, without having to travel to larger regions.

Our elite level training programs operate as a seamless progression model from entry level kids right up to the university and professional ranks. It’s a win-win for everyone, including the region’s top young talent.

Any youth who seeks professional development can obtain it through the KBFC Academy programs, and without necessarily becoming a full-fledged academy member. If you believe in proper soccer development for youth – as we do – you should deny no one the chance to get the best coaching available in this Region, which we are well-positioned to deliver, be it for young goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders or strikers.

Upcoming Training Sessions & Tryouts

KickStart 2020-2021 Indoor Skills Training

Location TBD

Details to follow shortly.

KBFC Academy 2020-2021 Indoor Soccer Training

 Loyalist Dome, Belleville

The KBFC Academy offers customized soccer skills training programs for boys and girls and for youth soccer teams to supplement their existing club team training and to enhance on the field performance.  Contact us now for a free skills assessment.  For more information contact KBFC Academy at

KBFC Academy 2021 Team Tryouts

Free tryouts available for our KBFC Academy Boys Teams!

Players Interested in our KBFC Academy 2021 Outdoors High-Performance Teams can register for a free tryout by emailing KBFC Academy  at