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News Release

September 22, 2015


Online registration for the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy’s new KickStart, KickSpark and KickSmart Fall/Winter soccer programs is now underway at

Kingston, ON – The Kingston-Belleville FC (KBFC) Pro Soccer Academy today proudly unveiled its bold new Academy logo that it hopes will quickly come to represent the finest pro-style soccer training and development available to young soccer players in Eastern Ontario.

In addition, KBFC also announced today that talented pro soccer player and Kingston FC standout striker, Mademba Ba, will join the staff of the Academy and bring his skills as the two-time Canadian Soccer League leading goal scorer (2013 & 2014) and Player of the Year in 2014 to assist in pro soccer training and development for youth Academy registrants.

The KBFC Pro Soccer Academy was designated last month by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) as the province’s 22nd Ontario Registered Non-Club Academy (ORNCA), a prized, standards-based designation reserved for elite soccer development academies.

As the only OSA ORNCA-accredited pro soccer academy east of the Greater Toronto Area, KBFC has moved quickly to launch an array of new recreational and elite, pro-style soccer training programs for young soccer players aged 5 and up across the Kingston-Belleville-Quinte region. The KBFC Fall/Winter programs, which kick off in Kingston and Belleville the week of October 19th, are now accepting online registrations at

With reference to the new Academy logo, KBFC Director, Mike Akai, proudly observed that “the design is bold and professional, and incorporates a skyward pyramid that points to the top, which captures our vision of an Academy’s role in helping to direct the progression of our players ever onwards and upwards.”

The new KBFC Pro Soccer Academy logo, which draws elements from the much-praised Kingston FC Pro Soccer team logo, was once again the work of Toronto graphic designer, Jennifer Coghill, who was asked to embody the dynamism and distinctiveness that characterized her earlier Kingston FC logo.

“We knew that Jennifer would deliver a look that both gave us the continuity we wanted from the Kingston FC logo as well as the sense of vibrancy and energy that is characterizing all of our efforts and those of our Academy coaches and participants as we strive to break new ground once again in this region,” said Lorne Abugov, General Manager of the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy. “We are very proud of this new logo and we know everyone associated with our Academy will be equally proud of it as we roll out our new programs.”


For Program Registration: Mike Akai KBFC Pro Soccer Academy 613-540-3584

For Academy Information: Lorne Abugov KBFC Pro Soccer Academy 1-613-878-1532


In early August 2015, the Kingston-Belleville FC (KBFC) Pro Soccer Academy received its OSA Ontario Registered Non-Club Academy (ORNCA) accreditation, a standards-based designation awarded to elite soccer development academies, becoming the only ORNCA-accredited pro soccer academy east of the Greater Toronto Area.

According to Mike Akai, having “…an ORNCA-accredited pro soccer academy in the Kingston-Belleville region is a huge step forward for soccer training and development in our region. Achieving the OSA’s gold-standard is the culmination of several years of hard work laying the groundwork and then months of intense effort in satisfying the OSA’s rigorous criteria for Academies, including technical inspections by OSA personnel who adjudged our training sessions to be among the best in the province,” said Mr. Akai.

For Lorne Abugov, the OSA designation was a welcome reward for the time and effort already invested by the Kingston-Belleville FC (KBFC) Pro Soccer Academy in improving the level of soccer in the region, including the efforts of many of the pro coaches and players who pioneered pro soccer in and around Kingston with the Kingston FC Pro Soccer teams. “Now we can be equally proud to bring a certified OSA ORNCA pro soccer academy to this region, once again breaking new ground for the soccer community here,” said Mr. Abugov.

In addition to star pro striker and two time CSL Golden Boot Winner and 2014 MVP, Mademba Ba, the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy y also recently added to its staff, Chad Beaulieu, a Canadian Soccer Association National “B ” Licence coach and the holder of a National Coaching Institute High Performance Coaching Diploma.

As a result of the OSA ORNCA designation, the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy is now fully sanctioned to work with all OSA-registered soccer players throughout the region to enhance their technical development. The Academy will offer professional quality training to all players in the region with a view to supplementing their youth clubs’ programs, thereby raising the overall level of skills and competency in areas of the Academy’s operations.

Players enrolled in all Academy programs can maintain their youth club registrations and do not currently need to register with the OSA through the Academy.

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